Sunday, September 9, 2007

working hard and the high cost of health care

I have read before that Americans are the hardest working people in the world--we work longer hours, take fewer vacation days, etc.

Employers continually demand that fewer employees do more work with less resources. Those that push themselves to their limits [and beyond] are rewarded with more responsibility and thus more work to do...but hey, they are given a raise and a new title to hang on the wall. Regardless of the 'rewards', this creates stress at very high levels.

High levels of stress over a person's work life years takes a high toll on mental and physical health--all along the way.

The highly stressed workers have health problems and need to see the doctor more often, have more procedures to diagnose, need more prescription medicine, and health care costs go up--along with health insurance premiums.

I wonder...if modern day slaves [employees] were treated more humanely...wouldn't the health of such people improve? And with the improving employe costs would drop...the employee would likely be even be more productive. Happy, healthy employees equal happy and loyal customers.

Hmmmmm.....just food for thought.....

The Mental