Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lybia, President Obama, Congress

So Congress is upset that President Obama acted quickly to send US military support to the no-fly zone as declared by the UN. He did not consult with Congress. With the way Congress is behaving now--they cannot agree on anything because they are focused on party lines instead of working together for the common good--it would have taken months for any consensus to be made and sent to the President. By that time the massacre of citizens by its insane "leader" would have been complete. Look in the mirror, Congress, and contemplate your behavior. Because of partisan bickering you have lost the capacity to do anything in a timely manner. So stuff it and get back to your useless arguing over the budget while the rest of us have no jobs, are losing benefits and the support of our federal government. The purpose of government is to take care of and protect its citizens...hmmmm...something terrible has gone wrong.

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